Paid Surveys Manager makes quick and easy work of handling all your bookmarks of paid survey sites, ensuring that you can always find what you are looking for, and that the information is updated. The program makes it easy to add, classify and annotate tens, hundreds or even thousands of different websites of paid survey companies. With Paid Surveys Manager you are not dependent on any web browser. The program stores your best paid survey sites's bookmarks in the reliable, browser independent searchable database. This program offers various special features on how your bookmarks of paid survey sites are stored and organized. Most important features include managing paid survey sites in different categories and detecting dead links and dublicates. Other features include exporting, backup and restoring bookmarks. This program also offers a set of tools that allows you to share links of paid survey sites with friends and configure the program as you like to. In summary, Paid Surveys Manager: -Organizes links of paid survey web sites with clear and easy to use user interface. -Detects broken links and duplicates in your bookmarks and allows to clean-up them easily. -Allows to export bookmarks of paid survey sites to Internet Explorer.