Most problems arise when using auto-created printers, as the driver on the server is used in full.When the client hits the print button, the print job is pre-spooled on the server by using that driver, before it?s sent to the client for final printing. This pre-spooling is a behavior many printer manufacturers do not take into account when building drivers. Even if they state?certified for OS?, this does not mean that this driver is 100% Terminal Server/Citrix aware. The best advice I can give you is to test any driver that does not come from the OS CD Rom, before hitting the production servers. That could save you on issues like users receiving a ?wfshell? error at logon, a crashing spooler service or, in worst case, even bluescreeningthe server.Sometimes drivers try to write to the location of the driver, so it could help to give users write access to %systemroot%\system32\spool. This is mostly needed for third party drivers.