Clone Remover is an universal program which allows to delete duplicate music files without problems. The program has a pleasant design, interactivity and convenient user interface. All work in the photo duplicate remover is formed on the basis of several basic functions. We?ll see these functions more in detail. The preparation of duplicate search. To find duplicate music files or other kinds of duplicates, it?s necessary to be defined what exactly files and where you?re going to search. In Clone Remover these functions are provided thanks to such windows as ?What do you want to do??, ?What do you want to search?? and ?Where do you want to search??. The first window allows to choose the action you?re going to do. As a rule, it?s search of duplicate files. Besides such variant is possible as to open the list of duplicates from a file and to restore the files earlier moved to a separate folder. In the second window the user can choose concrete type of the file which it is going to be found and removed. In the photo duplicate remover you can choose exact duplicates, files with identical names and sizes, similar images, empty files and duplicate music files. In the third window the user can choose a search directory. In this window (?Where you wish to search??) the user chooses in which folder or a disk he?s going to search for the necessary folder or a file. Besides, the photo duplicate remover allows searching for the duplicates among archives, network disks and i-Tunes. Carrying out of duplicate search. The process takes from several seconds to about several minutes. All depends on what size of the directory in which you search for duplicates, and the quantity of files in this directory. The removal of duplicate music files (and other duplicates). You choose files for removal and delete them. All simple.