GreedyGammon is an online backgammon server (for MS Windows) from the author of the FIBS client 3DFiBs and FIBzilla. Enjoy online backgammon with the following features.. --Play bot matches against the house bot "GreedyG" --Invite your friends for player vs player matches --Watch a match in progress. --Lobby and table chat in any language (Unicode character support) --jf.mat log files saved for each match (compatible with all major analyzers) --Professional quality board graphics, smooth animation, sound effects. --An endless variety of quality themes possible using the 3D software "Blender" template by simply changing texture and colors --Option in match setup for timed moves or timer turned off. --Rated matches (Using the FIBS rating formula) --Professional quality update manager keeps program up to date with latest ver. --Current dropper policy is as follows.. -Dropped bot games will resume until completed -Dropped player vs player game awards the win immediately to the opponent (this policy will be further enhanced in future versions to allow players option to wait for dropper to return. --Home Page --Support/discussion forum Log in as "guest" to try it out. If you like it create a user account in the forum and the program will read your forum username/password to create your player account. Enjoy! maareyes