Websites performance monitoring software detects errors such as Host not Found, Low Bandwidth, Connection Failed, Server Not Found, Low Connectivity Network Status etc, and notifies you via sending email or beep sound for free out from these errors. Websites availability checker constantly watches web based applications and tracks web site uptime, downtime performance in the real time. Website alert service sends notification if your websites are inaccessible, loads improperly response and facilitates you to understand and evaluate web performance. Website uptime monitoring service is fully compatible with all versions of windows operating system including ME, NT, 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista etc. Website uptime tracker utility has the user friendly GUI facility that provides overview of web pages on detecting and monitoring web services. Real time site monitoring tool facilitates you to monitor number of web sites simultaneously. Web server monitoring utility monitor your web sites, IP address, web pages, web host, remote hosting server, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP etc and some other internet protocols. Features: * Software has the ability to create number of profiles at the same time. * Website status tracker tool finds out actual location of the faulty that occurs due connection failure, server not found, host not found, responds very slow, low bandwidth and supervise them. * Websites monitoring software provides an option to switch from normal tracing view to advance tracing view. * Has user friendly GUI facility that helps users to operate it without any technical knowledge. * Successfully runs on all versions of windows operating system. * Sends notification in three different ways including email, beeps sound or via runs a specific program. * Monitors the uptime, downtime performance and ping status of your web pages.