How to Use The Skynet monitor is a program for user manage and monitor computer,There is 3 Main Function,Inspection desktop records,Control desktop ,Lock up desktop.You need a Ip address to connect a Skynet monitor client,and then the real-time Client's desktop show in the window if the connection is success. You also can control or lock up client's computer when use the function in the menu. Setting and Installtion All installtion flie packing in a RAR file. The server use the SETUP-Server file to install. The client use the SETUP_Client to install. You need the client's Ip address to create a connection The retention time of client's record can be changed in Menu While the connection had created.Client's desktop show in the window ,and you can set the quality level in the Menu. Features: (1)Real-time monitoring every computer when operating has been changed Save all desktop images to database. Saved images in database can be kept and replay (2) Reviewing all computers current and historical information accurately through the remote monitoring recording system (3) Operating remote computers like local by remote desktop control functions. (4) More than ten (10) computers can be reviewed and operated at the same time. (5) Using TCP/IP protocol and high-compression ratio to ensure all images to be transmitted quickly and steadily. (6)Using C/S structure, client access can't be deleted. (7)Administrator authentication function. (8)Simple and quick deployment system.