Alien invaders have taken over the planet Earth. Humanity is at risk of being enslaved by race of the machines. You control latest military hovercraft and your mission is to destroy all evil robotic creatures and liberate our planet. You are fully equipped with many powerful laser, plasma, rocket weapons and various bombs. Fight through hordes of human like robots, monsters and their advanced killing machines. Play through 3 different levels of difficulty. Dosens of realistic landscapes such as cities, suburbs, deserts, winter grounds and other remote areas are at your disposal. Experience adrenaline rushing combat situations, enormous explosions and mind blowing sound effects. Fight the Machine World and lead humans to victory! Game extra features: - INTENSE AND ADDICTIVE GAME PLAY! - TONS OF HIGH DETAILED ENEMY UNITS! - SUPER WEAPONS, BONUSES AND UPGRADES! - POWERFUL SOUND EFFECTS! - MOOD SETTING MUSIC TRACKS! - LARGE LEVELS FULL OF INTENSE COMBAT SITUATIONS! - UNIQUE 3D LANDSCAPES AND SURROUNDINGS! - 500% OF BURNING ACTION!