Torrent Search Engine Script Kazuc - The torrent search engine is a fast, easy to use search engine to find torrents. It updates automatically adding new sources and files to your site. In built, SEO search engine friendly links allow for better google ranking. The torrent search engine creates a new page every time a search is made, which leads to more pages being indexed within google. It means there is potential for thousands of pages indexed in google from this script. FEATURES: Fully search engine optimized with dynamic titles, meta keywords and description.. Torrents can be sorted by Name, Date, Size, Peers, Pagination Torrent contents Updated Tracker List (utorrent compatible list also) Results from Favorite Torrent Hosts Tiny size, only a few kilobytes of pure php codes.. One click installer. SEO links and meta tags. Fast real time search results. Tag Cloud to help site indexing. Can get you thousands of pages indexed in Google. Fast loading valid HTML 4.01 Transitional design. Admin Features: No admin panel needed as configuration is simple.