ShareCash Clone Just Clone Scripts Kazuc - We'll start of with a little explanation on ShareCash. ShareCash is a file hoster BUT not a traditional one like RapidShare where people make money off of people downloading their files and receive a measly 5 dollars per x.xxxx downloads. No... ShareCash requires everyone without a premium account to fill out a survey,,, more about that another time. The earnings from those surveys is shared between the uploader and ShareCash. It is both their unique selling point as well as what they are negatively known for. Is ShareCash a scam or not? The answer you were looking for! I've been paid multiple times. In the time between the writing this Lens from scratch and the latest revision I've been paid over 5 times, the highest payment being 100$ +. Seriously, ShareCash is the chance of your life to finally have a decent income and really the effort does not have to be mundane. It can even be fun and network expanding. At least it was for me. Thanks to Sharecash I met new business partners and friends. OK... OK.. Clearly not everybody likes making money, but I bet you do! While ShareCash is a 'holy gift' for some, others however consider it to be a complete nuisance. An evenly growing amount of webmasters are trying to keep ShareCash links out of their forums and websites as the uploaders spam their sites hoping for downloads. This, I believe is not the correct method. Making sure your uploads are of decent quality not only makes you keep your dignity, it also broadens the path of link exposure possibilities and downloads coming along. If you were planning on bypassing the survey system, don't! Through experience they've closed almost all holes. If you're caught trying to bypass the survey system your IP will be banned which means that you won't be able to earn from ShareCash anymore.