Speed Task is the ultimate task management and reminder software available. There exists no faster way to establish and recognize important upcoming events. Never miss a meeting, forget to pay a bill on-time, or be late for an appointment again. Offering a graphical approach, it gives the end user the flexibility to set up the software as best suits their needs. With color coded self-titled mouse-over reminders, it provides instant recognition for every date of significance. Feature rich, it instills confidence that every day and hour has been mapped out with infallible structure. With the included planner functions and report generators, it becomes the perfect tool for a traveling businessperson – and even the ones who don’t. Daily expenditures and mileage is automatically recorded and tallied – they can be printed out or copied structurally for insertion into a spreadsheet. It provides the means to assign tasks and export them to anyone in your contact list. Each day, the contacts can check their email or go to their personal share folder to retrieve their daily time lined assignments and/or general notes. The Alert function displays pending alerts and allows you to enter a display message, date and flexible notification period. Don’t like to type? With auto-phrase complete and/or insert, you won’t have to type much, if at all. Available from the Notes and Planner functions is the Frequently Used Terms List – a list of words and phrases populated by yourself with the terms you use on a regular basis. As you begin to type, the most likely term is suggested for completion – or, click and drag the word to insert. Offering 3 distinct calendar views (12, 6 and 1), marking a date is simple and fast. And, in the 1 month view, 144 drag-and-drop Icons are available as additional graphical reminders. Additionally, the 1 Month Calendar can be printed with details about each day listed below the calendar.