Converting data from one format to another is a challenge and a drain on your resources - an unnecessary one. Help is at hand. WHAT IS PARSENIP AND WHAT IS ITS PHILSOPHY? o ParseNIP is a general purpose data conversion tool. Information which has been extracted from one system, prior to loading or re-use outside of that system very often needs to be adjusted. o ParseNIP makes available to you ways of parsing your data and effectively controlling conversions and transformations to a destination state. o ParseNIP is a means of achieving data conversion goals without resorting to complex programming or scripting, and without requiring mobilization of significant information technology resources. o ParseNIP is designed to provide you with a simple way of getting the output data you need from the input you know about. o Along with a commitment to simplicity, ParseNIP is designed to deliver effectiveness and powerful functionality which is easy to use for your data conversion projects. POPULAR FEATURES o Data Sniffer- Easily remove the guess work out of determining data formats and encoding. o File Designer- Shows you your data in a way you can understand readily, and gives you the chance to interact efficiently with it. o Filter and Preview - Sepcify which data to convert o Visual Mapper - Data transformation is all about mapping data from one formation to another. Combine fields, alter values, use simple or complicated expressions to satisfy your mapping requirements. o Visual Mapper Wizards - As you map data, our wizards guide you through common conversion challenges, such as date and time formatting. o Visual Expression Builder - No scriptiong necessary, visually build tranformations.