Don't loose billing time anymore! Our product Time Tracker will prevent you from forgetting time to bill to your customers. Encourage your consultants to be more billable and let them have insight in their billable and productive time. Show your clients what you have been doing for them in detail. Target audience is any business that services customers against hourly rates. Track your time spend on multiple tasks per project. Each project and task can have another hourly rate. Features: - Unlimited number of projects (non-registered maximum of 5 projects) - Unlimited number of tasks (non-registered maximum of 3 tasks per project) - Unlimited number of activities - Move activity to another project or task - Pricing per project & per task - Calculation of hours and costs estimated per task - Export of activities to Excel - Pausing of tasks (breaking up activitiess) - Optionally start an activity with the end time of the previous event - Record activity over multiple days - Various filtering capabilities - A SQLite database stores your data locally