Server Statistics PHP Script Kazuc - Easily monitor and display your server statistics. Hundreds of hosting companies are using Status Server Script. Status Server Script is a self-hosted server statistics dashboard that gives you a quick overview of your server farm. You can monitor the performance on any device, even on your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle. Status Server Script has a secure admin section where you can view bandwidth, cpu and memory graphs. It monitors your incoming and outgoing bandwidth, as well as the hourly average transfer rate (both in- and out). Gain Insight Into Your Performance: view graphs of bandwidth, cpu and memory monitor your incoming and outgoing bandwidth monitor hourly average transfer rate (both in- and out) view the histories of the statistics customize the monitoring to fit your needs Track the Performance of Your Servers: After a quick and easy install, you can monitor all the statistics of all your servers. The administration area shows detailed graphs of bandwidth, CPU, and memory use. It is state-of-the-art hosting tool that you can customize to fit your unique demands.