Developer offers retrieving deleted text messages software easily recovers all text messages that have been accidentally eased from your cell phone SIM card memory while accessing cell phone saved messages and other information inappropriately. Powerful text SMS recovery application provides user finest facility to recover all data from mobile SIM card memory lost due to virus infection while transferring data from corrupted mobile phone device. Advanced retrieving deleted text messages program provides simple to access interface featured with complete help manual at every step of SMS text and other data retrieval process for ease of non-technical end users. Professional message text sending software enables user to rescue all lost or deleted files and folders from mobile phone SIM card memory including text messages, phonebook contact records, last dialed number details, fixed dialed number information, service provider name, card identification number, location details, IMSI information and other relevant SIM memory saved particulars. Affordable retrieving deleted text messages program executes efficient deep scan search algorithm and provides user complete details of text messages recovered that were once stored in your mobile SIM card memory. Retrieving text messages software rescue SMS text and contact phonebook records by examining SIM card device memory with the help of USB SIM card readers of PC / SC or phoenix standard based SIM card readers. Features: * Message retrieving software enables user to view SMS details before actual recovery process. * Text messages recovery application recovers data lost due to human error, virus infection etc. * SMS revival application provides simple to access interface having help manual for ease of access. * Retrieving deleted text messages software provides support for all GSM 2G and 3G network providers.