Based on award winning forensic technology, Adroit allows for maximum photo recovery. With an easy-to-use interface and SmartCarving which recovers 15-20% more photos, Adroit takes photo recovery to a whole new level. It can recover deleted photos from internal and external hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras, and disk images in three easy steps. Simply point and click the drive or memory card to recover from and Adroit takes care of the rest. Detects accidentally formatted drives and memory cards automatically and tunes the recovery engine appropriately. During recovery, thumbnails of recovered photos stream through the screen. 1. Recover More Photos (only product to have true fragmented recovery support) 2. Validation of Photos Recovered (separates fully recovered and partially recovered) 3. Handles Most Popular File Systems (FAT/NTFS/HFS/HFS+ all handled) 4. Shows visualization of recovery and recovered thumbnails. 5. Allows full size previews of images recovered with watermark. 6. Allows Grouping of photos by camera date, model etc. 7. Supports various camera RAW formats recoveries 8. Fast and detailed technical support available at