iDemso Movie Clone Script - Movie PHP Clone Script is a script that contains three powerful modules such as Movie, Music, and Download. This script will allow the site owner to have a powerful entertainment site with all the great features within only a few clicks of a mouse. Beside that, member could post movie, music, and content on the site to share with others. Best of all, the script also allows admin to have fully control over the site contents along with all members in an Admin Control Panel. The site could be up and running within 2 minutes with a 1-2-3 easy installation. Admin Features: URL Friendly Search Engine Allow to create addition admin account and sub-admin account. Allow admin to manage member, view member posted movies before show on the main-page. Allow HTML adv system, such as Google Adsense, Yahoo, and other. Allow to assign certain permission to sub-admin account. Easy to edit account information. Allow to create different group and assign different account to different group. Allow to remove and edit account and group account. Allow admin to add in , edit, and remove category. Allow to post new movie within easy control panel. Allow to delete all movies in one page to save time. Allow to add in new link for movie and edit link for movie. Allow to add in and control advertise within a click. Allow to add in description for the movie. Allow to add in image for the movie. Easy control panel to manage user account and movie. No need to upload movie to your server, just get the link from many great sources such as: Megaupload, Google Video, VEOH, YouKu, DailyMotion, and many more.