Bulk SMS sender software creates and send unlimited no of text message from PC/PDA device to mobile phones. Advanced Pocket PC to mobile message sender utility supports all national or international CDMA and GSM mobile networks to deliver SMS. Powerful PDA to mobile SMS delivery software supports Unicode characters which enables users to send text messages in any language. Pocket PC to mobile message broadcasting software has highly interactive graphical user interface so that non technical users can easily install and use program. Latest message deliver utility is compatible with every Pockets PC or smart phone including Samsung Pocket PC phone, Carrier Devices i-Mate, HP iPAQ, Motorola MPx200, Sharp W-Zero3 Pocket PC Phone, Asus Pocket PC Phone, Orange SPV E200 Smartphone, Hitachi Pocket PC phones. Global messaging gateway service facilitate user to safely deliver valuable text message to national and international mobile phones. Standard message sending application is capable to sends massive SMS, job alerts, promotional campaign from PDA to any mobile phones. Pocket PC to mobile bulk messaging utility provide best way to create and send unlimited text messages directly from Windows OS based Pocket PC or PDA devices to cell phones. Features: * Download PC/PDA to mobile bulk SMS sender software that quickly sends text messages in English and other regional language to mobiles. * Professional message deliver utility composes and send personalize text alert to smart phones without internet connection. * Bulk message sending software has Unicode character support so user can send message in any language. * Application facilitate user to broadcast long message to national or international mobile phone. * Powerful PC/PDA to mobile message deliver program support both GSM and CDMA supported mobile phone. * Cost-effective PDA to mobile messaging software has both install and uninstall support for easy to use.