Smoking is a deadly habit, it`s a never ending need if once got in habit then it`s hard to come out of it, as nicotine present in cigarette craves a person for smoking. Cigarettes is known to be injurious to health as it contains nicotine in it which is known to be a poison that effects your lungs, increases heart rates, blood pressure, strokes , causes cancer and other problems created. It`s not easy to stop smoking for the smoker, useful devices has introduced to quit smoking and this software called Quit Smoking tool which stops the smoker his smoking habits in couple of days. Effective Strategy to quit smoking software has been introduced by Cessation Smoking Club in which you can help yourself to stop smoking. It helps you to gradually stop habit of smoking. Meter of quit smoking shows body functions compared to smokers and non-smokers. And this new software accesses the data automatically and you can customize it easily. You can run the past data that you entered and show you the date, time when you quit smoking. This software brings you confidence and desire to leave the habit of smoking. Benefits you will gain after using Quit Smoking Tool:- 1) This software helps you to know the true dangers of nicotine. 2) Heals all the damages caused by smoking. 3) Helps you to feel in self control. 4) It will realize you how much you spend money on smoking. 5) Less chances of heart attack and different cancer diseases. 6) Feel to live a healthier and longer life. 7) Oxygen level, nerve ending problem will get normal. 8) Coughing, shortness of breath problem will reduce. 9) Releases from the stress, headache etc. Simple magic tool that helps you to quit smoking in small numbers of days. You will really enjoy benefits you gain after using a quitter tool and being a non smoker.