Sort Photo Files, Sort Photos - Photo file sorter can sort photo files, sort picture files and sort image files everywhere: Sort photo files on computer / memory cards / camera. Photo file sorter can sort photo files, organize photo files, remove duplicate photo files (remove duplicate photos, remove duplicate pictures and remove duplicate images), even batch rename photos. Sort Photo Files - Download Photo file Sorter at All photos can be sorted: ~ Sort photo files with automatic Photo sorter - now sort photo files on Computer, in photo collection and Camera too ~ Sort photo files, sort picture files and sort image files on Memory cards (SD / SDHC, etc.) too Photo file sorter can Sort photo files - exactly as you want: ~ Sort photo files by Date taken (sort photos by date taken, sort pictures by date taken and sort images by date taken) ~ Sort photos by Date / Time / Year / Month / many Other tags ~ Sort photo files by Camera model ~ Organize photo files by Place / People shown (is done Automatically!) ~ Sort photos by one or Many tags (you sort photos - As you want, using your own, unique photo sorting way) ~ Sort photo files by Exif / Iptc / Xmp / Tiff / GeoTiff tags For example, photo sorter can sort photos by all EXIF tags. EXIF stands for "Exchangeable Image File Format". This type of information is formatted according to the TIFF specification, and may be found in JPG, TIFF, PNG, JP2, PGF, MIFF, HDP, PSP and XCF images, as well as many TIFF-based RAW images, and even some AVI and MOV videos. The EXIF meta information is organized into different Image File Directories (IFD's) within an image. The names of these IFD's correspond to the ExifTool family 1 group names. When writing EXIF information, the default Group is used unless another group is specified. Sort Photo Files - Download photo file sorter at