I could not find any information on a marketing blueprint on how distributors should build their business. It is very important that you have a marketing blueprint if you are trying to succeed online in this industry. 95% of network marketers are going to fail in AshMax because they will not be able to sponsor 5 people into their business within 20 days. In order to recruit 5 people within 20 days, you must have recruiting. Without proper training from sponsors, most people lack in that department. There are 5 main reasons that people fail in network marketing. The reasons are: 1. Lack of leads 2. Lack of Cash Flow 3. Lack of recruiting skills 4. Lack of marketing training 5. No duplicable system No one of these is more important than the other so it is very important that you learn how to all five. Most people look to their sponsor for help and the sad thing is they don’t have a step-by-step guide that you can use to help build your down line. Although people lack those 5 skills, you also need to learn how to brand yourself as the leader and learn how to use an automated marketing system. It is the key to your success. In conclusion, AshMax is a good model for building your GDI and FTS business. You will not be able to sponsor 5 people in 20 days if you don’t get marketing training and recruiting skills.