Free Google Page Rank Checker and Url Scraper Tool. This tool allows you to check the Google PageRank from a list of urls. Simply copy/paste a list of urls and the tool creates a .csv file with all Page PR's as well as the Domain PR's. Here is what you can do with this tool: * Get the Page PR and Domain PR from a potentially huge list of urls. * Get the root domains from all provided urls with the click of a button. * Get a .csv file with both PageRank values and the actual page and domain links to quickly and easily open any of the pages or domains. * The .csv file can be opened, sorted, filtered… with Excel or OpenOffice. * The Google PR Checker also allows to open any of the urls in your standard browser simply by clicking on the link. Some ideas on how to use the Google PR Checker: * Competitive analysis: Analyse the backlinks of competing websites and focus only on PR2+ backlinks. * Sorting through a large list of blog urls for blog commenting: Focus only on quality blogs with PR4+ * Sorting through lists of forum profile urls, scuttle and pligg sites, article directories… : Delete all urls that are either PR0 or not ranked (PR-1). Here is a short demo video: And here is more information: