This is a simple Homepage Banner Rotator for your website and flash projects. More, we included in this package 3 more skins or better yet small apps derivated right out of the main component. Complete package: Homepage Banner Rotator, Classic Menu, Simple Image Menu, Simple Slideshow. A bargain, four apps at the price of one. A neat feature of this is the "stay time" for each slide. You will be able to specify the exact time in seconds, a slide will be displayed after going to the next one. You can simply cancel the auto play from the .xml file with ease. Changing the colors is easy and it can be done inside the .fla file. We also included fla files for Flash 8, CS3, CS4 and CS5 so absolutely no compatibility issues will exist if you decide to edit the .fla files. From the .xml file you can change: - total width of the app; - total height of the app; - toggle ratio resize on the main picture; - launch url with the right scroller; - you can also center the text on the button; - right scroller width; - image animation time and type; - this also supports html formatted descriptions for items and of course for the big image. The code is commented and the help file is provided in the package.