DMReports is a robust Business Intelligence platform which provides all necessary capabilities to build operational and analytical reports, interactive pivot tables, and visually compelling dashboards from your data and deliver reports both internally - within your company and externally - to your customers and business partners. The product natively supports Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and MySQL Server databases. And thanks to OLE DB and ODBC, it allows using any other database such as Excel, Oracle, Firebird, Sybase, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc for reports building. Thanks to the support for distinct report types DMReports provides an opportunity to choose data presentation type depending on your current business task: standard paper reports - for operational reports, OLAP cubes - for 'on the fly' analytics, dashboards and charts - for illustrative and easy-to-see data presentation. Smart reports distribution technology allows effective information dissemination inside and outside your company. Using this technology, you can set a task to generate and send specific report(s) to subscribers at specified time and/or a period of time and DMReports will do it automatically. DMReports can be deployed in the company as a classic desktop application as well as a web module to display the final reports within the corporate web portal, website, etc. A web module is built based the advanced technologies and provides business users unrivaled experience of working with the reports. Thus, DMReports reduces the time and staff required for workflow maintenance, increases information capabilities, and the most important - gives you everything to make only right decisions about your business. Right information in right time is all you need to quickly move from problem understanding to its solution.