RemoteDesktopTwain allows using any Twain compatible scanner in terminal sessions. Now you can scan documents from local scanner in remote session. RemoteDesktopTwain is built on top of widely used in banks, schools, doctor offices TwainImporter and SharedScanner. It utilizes secure Microsoft Windows Terminal Services channel allowing seamless and effortless connection. RemoteDekstopTwain is a TWAIN driver supported by all TWAIN compliant applications. It does not require to run special software outside normal business process. The scanner is used like it would be locally connected. No learning curve. It works with all EMR, patient billing and medical software systems. It is successfully used by - Freight - Insurance - Hotels - Medical - Government - Financial Simple and uniform RemoteDekstopTwain provides access to most commonly used scanner settings. You can configure: - Flat bed and Feeder paper sources. - Simplex and Duplex Scanning. - Supported by scanner resolutions. - Different color formats. - Different paper sizes.