Free Google Suggest and Google AutoComplete Keyword Tool. This tool uses the Google Autocomplete algorithm and allows you to find tons of new keywords you wouldn`t find otherwise. Simply provide your root keywords, click the Search button and the tool provides you with up to 6000 related keywords for each root keyword. The software tool allows you to find fresh new keywords you wouldn`t find with any other keyword search tool. You will get high quality buyer keywords, no one else is using as well as high-traffic keywords with very low competition. Here are some of the features provided by the Google Auto Complete search tool: * You can provide as many root keywords as you want. * You can choose between a quick search mode and the slower double iteration mode that returns many more keywords, but takes more time. * You simply click the search button and the tools provides you with a huge list of related keyword - for all the root keywords you provided. * Save the returned keyword list as text file. Here is a short demo video: More information: