SSMSBoost is add-in that adds first-class tools to SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) Features include: -Locate object: quickly find object located at cursor position in object explorer. Shortcut: [Ctrl-F2]. -Script object located at cursor position directly from SQL Editor. Shortcut:[F2]. If you select part of the identifier - SSMSBoost will use selection as identifier (must be done in comments). -QuickConnection Switch combobox on SSMSBoost toolbar allows you to switch current connection in SQLEditor window at a glance ! -Preferred connections: "remember" frequently used server/databases -define connections to different servers/databases in SSMSBoost settings. -define display name for long server names -assign color for each connection that will be used in SQLEditor window footer. -define if SSMSBoost should automatically open empty script window at start-up -add quickly any database displayed in object explorer to preferred connections by clicking on it and selecting "Add to preferred connections". -Track current database in ObjectExplorer: current database will be focused in Object Explorer -Search for objects using wildcards: SSMSBoost has advanced Object Search dialog that allows you to use wildcards when searching for objects -Sometimes you want "Execute to Grid", sometimes "Execute to Text". So: [F5] - Execute to Grid, [F6] - Execute to Text Shortcuts can be redefined -see next feature -Assign new keyboard shortcuts, change existing shortcuts. -Define macros with existing commands. -Auto replacements allow you to write most used SQL commands more quickly. Type "sel" and press space - it will be replaced by "select * from". Add your own Auto-replacements ! -Scripting options: redefine standard scripting options. Be careful - you get full access to all options. Some of them might not work. For experts