Moo0 XP Desktop Heap lets you increase the limitation of how many windows/applications Windows XP can hold simultaneously. Windows XP has a low limitation on how many windows/applications it can keep open and running. It is due to the insufficient size of the so-called Desktop Heap. Haven't you ever suffered from the following symptoms using Windows XP? Symptoms: - After running the system long without rebooting, some unknown errors start to come up. - Errors start to occur when opening many windows/applications. - Some applications fail to start with a sound "Ding!". - Some applications fail to start silently. - Components rich applications such as PhotoShop sometimes malfunction. - DreamWeaver stops responding after opening many tabs. - Some images get drawn blacked out while surfing Internet. - Popup-windows don't come up any more. - Some context (right-click) menus get cut short or don't come up any more. - The system is still running okay without being frozen, but the user interfaces stop reacting. You can now finally say Good-Bye to all these symptoms for once and all using this simple tool. Note: This program is recommended for the systems with 1 GB or more amount of memory.