PC2AndroidSMS is an SMS messaging application for PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. PC2AndroidSMS works with an Android phone or another Android device that runs free PC2Droid SMS app available from Android Market SMS messages that are sent by user on the PC in PC2AndroidSMS are queued for transmission and marked with outbound status in message database. The PC2Droid SMS App running on Android phone or device periodically polls / connects in to PC2AndroidSMS application, fetches all SMS outbound messages and transmits them to the destination phone numbers over GSM network. In order for the queued outbound SMS messages to be sent, the Android phone must be connected to the LAN on Wifi / wireless and must be running PC2Droid SMS app. Features: * Maintain and easily access you SMS contact list * Create / Edit / Delete SMS contact details (name and phone number) * View sent message history * Easily type and send SMS messages on PC * Outbound SMS messages are automatically collected and sent by Android PC2Droid SMS app Quick Start Guide * 1. Download and install free PC2Droid SMS App from Android Market * 2. Run PC2Droid SMS App. Make sure Wifi is enabled and connected to your LAN * 3. Download and install a trial version of PCDroidSMS application for Windows * 4. Run PC2DroidSMS on Windows PC. Make sure the PC is connected to LAN * 5. Create / Edit SMS contacts by clicking on "Create" and "Edit" buttons * 6. Type an SMS message and phone number. You can select an existing SMS contact and the phone number is filled in aoutomatically from the contact * 7. Click "Send SMS". The saved message appears in the messages listview as "pending" * 8. PC2Droid SMS App running on Android phone or device will periodically fetch and transmit the pending SMS messages. The transmitted messages change status to "Sent".