Sort Files - Get Software to Sort Files, Sort Photos, Sort Misic, Sort Videos. How to Get software to sort files, sort music files, sort audio files, organize MP3 music, sort videos and docs? How to sort files on my camera? How to sort videos on camcorder? How do I sort pictures in my photo collection? What to I need to get files sorted? All file sorting can be made - Download file sorter at What files can be sorted? ~ File sorter can be used as a Photo sorter to sort Photos; ~ File sorting software can be used as Music sorter to sort Music / audio / mp3 files; ~ File sorter can be used as Video sorter to sort Videos / video clips / video records / movies; ~ Even Documents will be sorted and organized too with this file sorter, that also can be used as Document sorter. Main file sorter tasks: ~ Sorting files (music, photos, videos, documents) by their tags using many ways; ~ Organizing files (because this software is also automatic file organizer); ~ Renaming files (rename photos, batch rename mp3s, rename music files, rename mp3 music, documents and videos) Recent File sorter improvements: ~ File sorter now can sort both Music, Photos, Videos and Documents too; ~ Sort photos - now on camera and memory cards too ~ Sort videos - now also on camcorder, SSD / memory drives Sort files - Download file sorter at