File Sync is a rather new program in the field of folder comparison and file synchronization. The program has a simple and accessible to any user interface, a multipurpose mode and effective for the decision of all questions connected with folder comparison and file synchronization. The compare directory utility File Sync is the program which allows to solve problems quickly, easy and without problems. We will consider how it works on a concrete example. For example, you need to find out whether there is something common between two directories (folders, disks). Start the Windows file sync File Sync. In the program you need to load into an operating window both folders ' at left and right. The loading is carried out by means of option -Browse-. Accordingly, the options are located in the left and right parts of the program. After the loading spend folder comparison. For this purpose press an option -Analyze- with which help you can define what files are common for both folders and what are various. The compare directory utility will give out result in which it will show special designations ' the circles specifying that files are common for both folders, and the arrows specifying that files belong only to one folder and can become common for both ones. Use file synchronization that files became common for both directories. For this purpose choose an option -Sync- on the bottom panel of program window. The option will allow to move files to other folder. The result will be that the circles we spoke above about will appear about all files. To stop both processes (folder comparison and file synchronization) in the Windows file sync take advantage of an option -Stop-.