With Monthly Calendar you can see all events for each month on a single web page listed one below each other. To use the calendar your hosting account needs to support PHP 4.0 or more and MySQL 4.0 or more. PHP Monthly Calendar script will show on any web browser which supports javascript - Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Chrome etc. - Use on any web page - using a simple piece of JavaScript code you can put PHP Monthly Calendar on any web page - HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc..; - Easy installation - with 3 simple steps you will have PHP Monthly Calendar installed on your website; - Colors customization - change background, days, border, tooltip colors; - Fonts customization - select one of the 20 available fonts to be used; - Date and time format - 12 or 24 hours time format, 10 different date formats; - Week starting day - change week starting day for your calendar; - No page refresh - web page where calendar is placed will not refresh when you scroll through the months and view events; - Translate names of days and months and add events in your own language; - Events categories - create different categories and use when creating or filtering events; - Find an event - easily search for an event using a simple search feature; - Multi day events - add as many events as you want for each day selecting start time for each event; - You can have the FULL PHP source codes on a reasonable price!; - We do ALL kind of modifications to the script!