Kernel for PDF to Word is a professional conversion PDF to Word software that has the ability to perform easy, accurate and at the same time fast PDF to Word conversion. The conversion PDF to Word tool has the ability to convert as many as 50 PDF files to Word file documents in a single conversion cycle. Moreover, the tool maintains the original formatting, structure, as well as properties of the content. Also, the tool is completely competent to salvage OLE objects, forms, hyperlinks, graphs, images, tables and other information from the PDF files. Kernel for PDF to Word supports Unicode character conversion. Also, Kernel for PDF to Word converts even encrypted or password-protected PDF files into Word files. Since the tool comes with an intuitive, as well as absolutely self-descriptive graphical user interface, non-technical as well as professional users find no difficulty in using it. Kernel for PDF to Word comes with a free demo version which solves two purposes of the users. One is that it enables the users to easily and accurately convert PDF to Word files, free of cost and second is that it enables users to analyze and evaluate the various features as well as capability of the tool. For more information