Put your money in an high definition television and believe satellite carries the most HD channels? Once again, the assertions satellite makes are really not true. Satellite television companies factor in channels which only display part time HiDef programming and alternate time zone broadcasts of premium broadcasts. That's just one method the satellite suppliers mislead customers over HD claims. Satellite television providers also cost subscribers more for HD programming by charging for premium HD tiers like sports packages on top of the normal charges for HD broadcasts such as TNT, ESPN, and Discovery Channel. Cox Cable gives you HD channels for no additional programming fees including the HD channels you would pay extra for with satellite. On top of HD programming, Cox Digital Cable offers HD content On Demand so you can watch your favorite shows and movies in the best quality available - as HiDef TV was designed to be viewed. With Cox Digital Phone Service you can put an end to shocking per minute phone tolls for local and long distance calls. On top of the unlimited low fee calling, Cox Phone furnishes consumers with all the standard and extra features they love such as voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, and caller ID, etc. Get out of the clutch your local or national phone provider has on you and never again open up a phone statement only to be stunned by foolish long distance fees and "hidden" fees you were never warned about. Be like millions of other pleased customers like you who have ordered Cox Digital Phone and gladly left per minute charges forever.