LAN pen drive disabler application monitors the online and offline activities of USB mass storage devices on enterprise network. Thumb drives access monitoring utility helps corporate sector in preventing unauthorized or illegal access of USB storage media in client?s network to prevent data leakage. Removable media activities blocker tool allows administrator to easily assign USB device?s access and permission settings to clients in network. Professional USB activity monitoring software can track the insertion and removal of USB devices even if the network cable is unplugged or connection is broken. USB stick activity blocking program allows organizations to enhance the network security by controlling access USB device?s on client?s system. USB data theft protection tool for windows network allows saving activity log file in HTML or TXT format at user specified location in hard disk. Windows network USB blocker notifies the administrator about USB device activities instantly with a beep sound. Features: * USB port disabler program effectively monitor and capture usage of multiple external devices simultaneously in LAN or any enterprise network. * USB flash drives blocker application is compatible with windows 98, 98(SE), 2003, NT Server, 2000, XP Professional and Vista operating systems. * USB port surveillance software provides detailed descriptive information of client's machine including server name, IP address, domain etc. * Thumb drive data theft prevention tool for windows network runs in hidden mode and remains unrecognized by user. * Removable media locker utility supports all major external media including Pen drives, Pocket PCs, Mobile phones, USB Flash cards, USB cameras and more.