Reciprocal link monitoring software provides facility to analyze number of advertiser site links on several publisher?s websites at a time instead of manually checking. Website backlink tracker software provides facility to user to increase popularity and page rank of their websites on different search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Website reciprocal link checker utility detects advertiser?s website backlink status on different publisher?s website and save status report into text or csv (comma separated value) file format for further use. Weblink analyzer utility aware advertisers about backlink status by sending an email notification message to specified email id, if link is not present on publisher website or publisher site cannot be displayed etc. Reciprocal link monitoring program provides fast and easy way to webmaster and search engine optimizer to improve online visibility and popularity of their websites and facilitates to find current status of website on various search engines. Weblink checker software supports to track backlink on both http and secure http websites. Reciprocal link analyzer utility increases website quality and popularity on internet by evaluating number of backlinks available on publisher website. Backlink tracker tool facilitates with interactive GUI which helps to both technical and non technical user to easily operate this software. Website backlink monitor utility is compatible with all windows operating system like 98, 2000, NT, XP and Vista. Features: * Reciprocal link checker tool checks all links (direct, java script, broken etc). * Website backlink analyzer software sends an alert email to user, if link is not found on publisher?s website. * Utility saves backlink status report in text or html file format. * Weblink monitor program checks multiple links at once instead of manually checking.