Mobile forensic utility extracts all information from mobile phone, PDA or pocket pc devices like phonebook status, contacts, IMEI, IMSI number, network quality, SMS status, battery status, mobile model number, registry details etc. Pocket PC forensic software supports all brands of manufacturers like E-Ten 500, Mitach Mio, BenQ, Samsung i730, Sprint Touch by HTC, Pantech Smart Phone etc. Freeware Smart Phone forensic tool extracts all mobile phone information by synchronizing mobile phone device with PC and provide facility to transfer information, settings, folders and files between PC and cell phone. PDA surveillance software is an application used by forensic examiner that describes entire hardware and software details of mobile phone. Freeware Mobile Phone forensic utility generates report in different formats and saves it at user specified location. Cell Phone surveillance software is a useful utility for investigation departments, forensic departments, scientific analysis, government offices etc for acquiring any evidence. Mobile forensic tool provides attractive graphical user interface (GUI) with inbuilt help manual. Pocket PC forensic software works without any other technical supports. Freeware Smart Phone forensic utility supports Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000. Features * Mobile forensic utility generates report of information in different formats and saves it at user specified location. * Freeware Mobile Phone forensic tool provides in-built step-by-step information extraction help. * Pocket PC forensic software provides interactive graphical user interface (GUI). * Smart Phone surveillance tool extracts information from both SIM card and mobile phone with date and time. * PDA surveillance examiner saves information in Text or Html format.