Product Description System Information (SI) ? Faster access to client information ? Extremely user-friendly ? Your own logo faded ? User defined LDAP queries ? Free user shortcuts ondeso System Information (SI) saves the helpdesk time to get to essential information about users or computers. This is the user to a defined, always equal visual reference program window, which combined the information in the same order always is. The orange tray icon on the taskbar makes it quick and easy to remember access to the system info tool. In case of problems, the help desk instruct the user to be launched from the SI icon tool, and it has - thanks always the same arrangement of the rider - a mental support to guide the user to important information for him. Unlike other programs where this information is displayed on the desktop background, it is here to Echzeitabfragen without the tool must be started again and again. In addition, it also provides a higher data security for laptop users are traveling, because security information is only apparent when the SI-tool opens. All Quick-links can easily be adapted to individual needs. For this, use only a simple ini file for configuration that can be distributed quickly. The ability to create custom LDAP query has the advantage that data which is stored centrally in Active Directory are available quickly. For example, the organizational unit (OU) in which the computer object or user object is displayed, so as to allow for faster analysis of the Group Policy (GPO). Your own logo can easily be bund