Private Photo Album is a personal photo viewer for loving adults that allows them view intimate pictures and keep them intimate on the computer. The pictures are stored in a single exe file with a password access. The file is protected by a strong 256-bit encryption and can be taken with you on a USB flash card, DVD disk or any other removable device. Getting started is very easy - just use the wizard to create an album and load images. There is a choice to make albums public or private. Public albums can be accessed by anyone, while private ones are invisible and can be loaded only by you and users who knows password. Most any adult or a loving couple has a private directory with the fun images from the internet or those they took of each other. The biggest problem for someone who has such images is hiding them from the eyes of their techno savvy chlidren or all-inquiring parent. This program lets you conceal your personal secrets and keep yourself and people around safe from the shame of discovery.