Open GroupWise in Outlook and enjoy the sevices provide by Microsoft Outlook as the GUI is very simple and easy with few click large database converted form GroupWise to Outlook. As we now the Novell GroupWise is very expensive and we need to train people to work on the Novell GroupWise plateform. Basically the key factor that this software unique from other is proxy server facility, help users who have administration id and password, once you have the access, all you need to provide the correct id and password after that you can open GroupWise to Outlook all emails of the organization. User can convert GroupWise to Outlook large number of emails at instant and if you need to migrate GroupWise email to ms Outlook only selective emails that could also possible with Convert GroupWise to Outlook process. Our software engineers worked for the coding for long time so that to make the GroupWise to Outlook tool perfectly fine in every context basically data like your email files used to transfer from secured socket layer (SSL) that minus the chances of data corruption and data loss. Take the trial tour and open GroupWise in Outlook, with demo version you can transfer 5 emails data per folder into GroupWise if you need to convert more data than for that you need to purchase the full fledge process at $299. For more info-