ADA cartoon solitaire, the most popular classic solitaire game, your goal is to find two same pictures and remove them. The link line can not turn more than two swerves. Of course the time is limited you must link them as soon as possible. Look at the pretty lady when she bends her head in front of her computer. What is she doing? It must be Ada game attracts her attention! Why not enjoy yourself and have a new taste of such funny? ADA cartoon solitaire according to different player sets different modes: 1. Learning Mode:The two props hint and mix up are unrestricted and timeless used. 2. Natural Mode: The time line will be decreased as the time you use hint and mix up prop. But if you use up the time, the two props will cut no ice to the time line. (This mode is more difficult than Learning Mode) 3. Challenge Mode: The speed of time decreases quicken. When remove a pair of pictures each time, the remainder will be close to one direction and the time of hint and mix up are less than it in Natural Mode. If the time is not enough, you can't use the two props. (This mode is more difficult than Natural Mode) 4. VS Computer Mode: It need no link line. The two same pictures can be removed, but the time line will be decreased faster. 5. Extremal Mode: The function of the blood line, hint, mix up props are the same with Challenge Mode. You also can be face to face with your computer robot, but to pass the stage you should do better than the robot. (Only the one who passes the natural mode and challenge mode at least ten times can play the Extremal Mode) ADA cartoon solitaire main features: 1. The game contains a numbers of pictures to test one's logical judgement ability. 2. Animated Background, 3D music sound let you cannot help playing. 3. Partner cooperation mode brings you the happiness of palying the gam ewith yout friends. 4.Newly add the extremal mode! Challenge your limitation. 5.The stages including: Alalei, Disney and so on.