Wonderful and amazing program, that allows you to take snapshots from your favorite video with very simple and easy steps. It's more programs which achieved credibility with many of users in order to its high ability to meet the user demands. This program enables you to (1) Take snapshots of your video through three ways: single,Continuous that take several sequential shots, and timed which enables you to take different shots separating them a certain time. (2) Take snapshots of your video while playing with a break in the side you can take part of your video. (3) give you full control over your video and that such as rewind, plays, pauses, and stop the fast forward and volume alternating. It is easy to use program which can be used by clicking on the mouse or keyboard shortkeys. It supports almost all video formats available in Windows. It is a stable and integrated program can be used with less requirements. You can use the free download this software for free and video and DVD.