How GroupWise to Outlook Converter works? Is Export GroupWise working process is secrued? These are some question frequently asked by user, Export GroupWise based its conversion on SSL (secured socket layer) so when the data export GroupWise to Outlook, data will remain in syncronized way as it before with no breakage in database. There are many situations where user needs to transfer their data form Novell GroupWise to outlook, for example user is working in a company where GroupWise environment was establish but if he/she need to change the organization where outlook format is there than you need to transfer you mail, contacts, journals, task, to-do list etc from GroupWise to outlook than select export GroupWise tool to Migrate Novell GroupWise To Outlook. Another every important facility provided with this tool is proxy server advantage all you need to have username and password of main admin panel, and you can convert data at very fast rate, with exclude and include email feature facility to make the whole process very simple and speedy. Convert GroupWise to Outlook Free, this trial exhibition convert 5 mails per folder. Now get the demo version for GroupWise 7.0 and GroupWise 8.0, for different version we provide different trail version for user easiness and comfortness. If you like the demo goes for full operation version at very affordable price of $299. Get 24x7 supports from tech side to solve you quires. For more info-