Fisher Price Elmo Liver Screensaver is for anyone who loves Elmo. Fisher Price Elmo Live is your favorite Sesame Street's character coming to live. If you grew up with the Muppets, this is quite ground breaking in terms of realism. Elmo's mouth movements are like that of the actual puppet on Sesame Street. He is great for getting your children active as he encourages them to get up and dance. You can get Elmo Live going just by pressing his buttons. If you press his foot, he will sit down on his stool and tell you a story. You squeeze his nose and he will make a variety of silly sound; he will even ask you if you "have his nose" and ask to have it back. Elmo Live dances when you squeeze his hand. He dances and tells joke. Fisher Price Elmo Live does a lot of things that really personify the toy. He will thank you if you help him up. Your young children will be delighted with the silly sounds Elmo makes when his nose is squeezed. He will ask your child for a hug and then say "thank you" as if he has received one. He will say that he is ticklish and respond as if your child is tickling him. He makes the experience magical for your child. He really has animated and fluid mannerisms. Elmo Live is really easy to play with. Fisher Price Elmo Live, unlike some other "talking" toys, does not just spout programmed phrases. Instead, he asks for interaction and acts as if your child is responding to him. If your child wants affection, Elmo does blow kisses and even says that he loves you. He will make your child fee important and loved. Your child is bound to think that her toy is really coming to life. Elmo makes a great toy for your child to grow up with. Elmo Live is a well designed toy that leaves more to be desired. He will capture your child's imagination with his trademark infectious happiness. Other than some mechanical grinding as he moves, Elmo is all cute. This little guy is a blast!