Recover deleted files quickly and efficiently. Smart Data Recovery makes it easy to recover files and documents that have been erased or lost after an accident. Reformatted disks, corrupted file systems and damaged hard disks are not a problem for Smart Data Recovery! Fixing the damage is easy: just pick one of the two modes, Standard or Extended, and specify what types of files you want to restore. It's that simple! You don't even have to know the exact extension of the files you are about to recover. Simply pick "Recover Documents", "Recover Movies" or "Recover Pictures", and Smart Data Recovery will automatically scan the disk for all supported types of files. What if you require just the opposite of data recovery? Smart Data Recovery can erase private information from your hard disk so that no one will be able to recover it, ever! To ensure that information you want to see gone is actually gone, Smart Data Recovery applies secure data destruction algorithms, overwriting contents of files to be securely erased. After this, no other data recovery tool - not even Smart Data Recovery! - can recover any part of the file. Smart Data Recovery can operate in two data recovery modes: Standard and Extended. If you've just erased a file or a bunch of files a few minutes ago, the Standard mode is the best way to get them back. Offering blazing disk scanning performance, this mode locates and recovers deleted data in just moments. If, however, the hard disk you are about to recover data from is formatted, corrupted, or damaged, then Extended mode will discover files even if no trace of them is left in the file system.