Interactive key logger application contains automatic startup characteristic, run command and hotkey traits and additionally generates reports on recorded information and also presents backup of records. Pioneering data logger software is incomparable and appropriate tool for supervising basis involving, family member's activities monitoring, parental monitoring, office managers, system administrator, employee monitoring and many more. Innovative advanced key logger program for Windows operating system affords capability to administrator for tracking whole performed activities by your friends, family members and employees of company on your private computer system in your absence. Elegant data logger utility traces each performed activity on laptop, notebook and desktop computer system including entered URLs, email address, passwords, chatting conversations and entered content within password protected log file. Consistent key logger application is extremely skilled to customize for specific tasks and supports simple installation course of action and also accomplished to hide installation files and folders. Trustworthy Windows operating system based data logger software does not affect on working or slow down the performance of other running programs because application works in enormously covert method. Features: * Consistent key logger application has no demand to include any corresponding hardware or software for monitoring computer activities. * Resourceful advanced data logger software supports exclusive aspect of password protection, consequently only administrator can acquire tracked information. * Trustworthy key logger utility exploits different advanced or standard tracing algorithms to silently supervise performed actions on your personal computer system. * Highly reliable advanced data logger program monitors whole activities executed by user including clipboard contents, voice chatting records etc.