Google Apps has been one of the most popular Messaging & Collaboration Platform on the cloud, Google Apps definitely help organization to reduce cost, simplify the complex on premise legacy system, and provides a rich End User experience. But It comes with its own challenge of federation which means if the organization would like to have the same password of Microsoft Active Directory then the organization has to invest in SSO (Single Sign - On) which brings in the dependency on the SSO implementation and also may result as a bottleneck when SSO does not work or is not reachable. CloudCodes introduces a simple to use solution for the above mentioned challenge, AD Password Sync for Google Apps. APS for Google Apps is light weight tool which securely Synchronises the Active Directory Password to Google Apps without having the need of implementing complex SSO. APS tool facilitates the synchronization of password of Active Directory and Google Apps. As part of Identity Management policies, users who are part of Active Directory deployment need to change password on a periodic basis. The synchronization of changed password with Google Apps becomes a difficult task due to lack of proper automation products. APS for Google Apps provides a simple way achieving the synchronization in an automated manner. CloudCodes AD Password Sync 2.0 now supports multi domain for Google Apps.