The impending food crisis in USA not mentioned by the mainstream media nor the government. The most informative videos, websites, reports and ebooks providing concerns by intelligent and honest people about the lack of information being given to us. This will tell us the government is not telling us about the impending food crisis in the USA. When the crisis arrives you may have the money to buy food but there will be little food to buy. Everything that is happening in our society today is directed to controlling the masses by a few powerful people. They know that if they can control food production and distribution, they can control you. You will do anything they say to keep from starving. The societal danger is that as the crisis worsens, demand for food assistance will grow exponentially, both because of the food shortage and rising prices. A family in economic distress can be pushed over the edge when there is fear as to the source of their next meal. While this may be a way of existence for hundreds of millions around the world, American families haven't faced that kind of uncertainty since the 1930s. As more families join the ranks of the economically distressed, their collective fear could strain the tolerances of society and the ability for the government to provide for them. It is a frightening situation. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), aren't meant to feed the world or survive the evermore frequent droughts and floods. They're designed to sell Monsanto's herbicide Roundup and the patented Roundup Ready genes now spliced into millions of acres of corn, cotton, soy, canola, sugar beets and alfalfa. Consuming milk and meat from animals fed crops that are genetically engineered is risky. At the present time, there is no policy regarding the unintended presence of GE (genetically engineered) material in organic products or foods currently being sold in our super markets.