As a FREE multi-desktop manager and organizer, Multi-desktop is desktop management software for better optimizing and organizing programs in the desktop, which can allows you to work on one kind of job or a single one in different desktops according to job content, working environment and program type. Instead of having one desktop on which all applications are shown, with Multi-desktop, you can now have multiple desktops, each with appointed applications opened. Multi-desktop allows you to switch between desktops by clicking on the target desktop in Multi-desktop' window or using hotkeys. Don't have enough space to run all applications on a single desktop? The multi-desktop manager gives you the ability to place your applications on separate desktops and then switch between virtual desktops to quickly find the application. Key Features 1. Easily and conveniently organize applications over several virtual screens in one window by setting the amount of window and hotkeys. 2. To easily specify the target window, Mac-style virtual desktop space and desktop-oriented view are much clearer than ever before. 3. User-definable hotkeys to quickly switch between desktops and locate Multi-desktop's window. 4. Assign one numeric key for switching to the target desktop. 5. Create passwords for one or more desktops you chose to protect your desktops from unauthorized use. 6. Run the software in the background to save CPU resource. 7. Automatically estimates operating system resource occupation to assure other applications running normally. 8. Offer a virtual space as if you have several logical monitors instead of a single one to manage several desktops with ease. 9. Set the number of virtual desktops and layout like 2*2, 2*1 in the settings. Multi-desktop, the desktops organizer, optimizes your overcrowded desktop with several virtual ones in one window and you have a quick access to all launched applications without the single-desktop clu