Generating traffic may seem like a hit or miss game when you first start your Google Adwords program, but you don’t have to settle for many misses with the right approach. Learning from other people’s strategies is can be one of the best ways to launch an effective internet marketing program, but most people overlook the basics and end up burning through hundreds of dollars just to keep up with the competition. Internet marketing pioneers such as Perry Marshall have developed several Google Adwords strategies, the key processes that can help generate traffic from the get-go. Instead of settling losing the bidding wars and missing out on high quality traffic, Marshall and other online marketing gurus have outlined the fundamentals for success with Google Adwords; here are five important elements for capturing the target market and driving quality traffic to your site: #1: Playing Mindreader Understanding a customer’s needs and wants is an essential part of every marketing campaign, but when you only have two or three lines to capture a prospect’s attention, you need a formula that works. Perry Marshall encourages advertisers to write copy that ‘enters the conversation going on in the customer’s head.’ Essentially, this means learning enough about the prospect to determine the exact words and phrases they might use to explain their problem – and their ideal solution. Capturing this key phrase or sentence and wrapping it into the lines of the Google Adwords ad is one of the best ways to generate traffic. #2: Choosing the Right Display URL Making sure the URL linked within the text ad is a valuable way to create a sense of relevancy for your customer. The URL you display should link directly to the landing page, free download or other offer you are advertising within the ad. This also helps with SEO, and is a proven method of attracting more attention than using only the URL to your website.