MeloRun helps you finding your personal training needs. It calculates the perfect training heart beat rate for your circumstances. Those values are not just calculated with an easy formula, but they are based on sophisticated algorithms with years of research in medical and sport institutes. To make sure you fit those ideal training frequences you will need a pulse monitor (watch). In case you don't have one you might consider ask in our forum for the best for your needs. The forum can be found here: Using MeloRun is quite easy. Just select the particular sport, your age, your gender, your current state of training or your traings goals metabolic (buring fat), cardiac (strengthen your heart), endurance (staying power). After that just press the button "calculate training". MeloRun gives two values that are quite important. The first value is the training frequency. If you have a particular goal of your training. Take care you stay in the region of this frequency (+- 5 BPM). The second value is the absolut medical maximum. You should never ever get above this value. Otherwise you might cause essential damage to your body. If you reach this value by accident, stop training and rest for a while. Disclaimer: Please take care of your body. Do never ever overstress yourself. In case you feel bad consider stop training. In case it doesn't get better, consider cnsulting a medical doctor.